Sunday, December 18, 2011


Rose coloured it rose
Soft, fast, bright
Rising rose colouring
The white, the light
Swiftly, quietly rose
Breaking broke


  1. I feel like I live in a world of constant night sometimes these last few weeks! Your description of dawn seems so happy and simple... for me the sunlight is brough to life on my screen after hours of rendering by pearl. It's beautiful too, but I spent so long working on it that I am no longer impressed :P

  2. Wake up early in the morning and go outside :)
    It must be impressive even if you're not impressed! I'd like to see it.

  3. I woke up pretty early for a weekend (before 8!) but I was dealing with other things as you know. Then I wanted to work on the logos for the movie... by the time I went outside it was 5 and long since dark!

  4. You'll shrivel up if you go on this way. Your skin needs it's vitamin D!

  5. sweet and simple descriptive adjectives makes reading it enjoyable. I like the line "swiftly, quietly rose" "breaking broke" its cool, yet hot at the same time. loli.