Sunday, June 3, 2012


tell myself I’ll find you
tell myself its okay
try and reconcile myself
with leaving you this way
may not see you again
but still I pretend
making you promises
I won’t keep in the end

1 comment:

  1. Though I know what your specific inspiration for this was, I think this poem is very relevant for this time of our lives, it's really the first time I've had to worry about saying goodbye with a very high chance that I won't see someone for a long time or ever. Somehow this was not so much of a problem after high school :P

    As usual you wrote it more true to the actual feeling than I ever could and it's really sad to read. It sort of makes me want to yell out "No, I will keep my promises and I will see you again!" though I do remember saying that once before and it didn't end up happening. But who knows, I've had no reason to see you for years already and yet I have, maybe things won't be so bad :)