Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Perfect Circle

without any end
with a broken pencil
I can try and draw
the perfect circle
of the universe but
it is frustrating
without a point
to keep on drawing


  1. I wonder what inspired you to write this one. But it's great how, even with the simplest of ideas, one (you ;) ) can convey the deepest of ideas. :)

  2. xD thank you! it was 'having no point' and 'going in circles' that gave birth to this poem, it comes from the heavy 'meaning of life' type of neighborhood lol ;)
    you must've heard of that 'a perfect circle is impossible' stuff, what do you think? :) if a perfect circle is really impossible im glad, because that means at least we're going somewhere, inwards or outwards in spirals.

  3. Oh, the ever elusive meaning of life!

    Let me think about this for a second...Okay, I will attempt to sound deep. :P (And I am afraid I am feeling especially verbose this morning. /*looks appropriately embarrassed*/) For some reason. when you say "a perfect circle is impossible", I think of two things. First, I think of how I tried writing code to create the "illusion" (if anything!) of a perfect circle a "long" time ago.

    Sure, it is easy to do so if you use the right tools, but basically, I believe I had too much time on my hands, so, I tried to be "sophisticated". My procedure consisted of showing dots at the right spot on the screen. (Hmm, it took forever to fix the values of my variables, I am afraid...and a bit of Googling...) You could, at the same time, manipulate the distance between each dot (something like that...). But, really, all you can try is to be an illusionist, to create the "illusion" of a perfect circle...And I think you know where I am going with this!

    Supposing life _could_ be shaped as a perfect circle, even then it would not be smooth, for these dots that make up our memories do not always work toward a common goal, and therefore, are not always connected. Some people believe in the concept of "fate", in that all these happenings are connected; but is it really not mere consolation to these discontinuities? I am undecided on this.

    Then--and this is slightly off-topic :S--I remember my grade 4 (?) self being taught how to draw a circle about a dot without allowing your writing utensil (pen, pencil, chalk...index finger if anything...) to leave the surface of a malleable material (pure copper, or for the downtrodden, paper, not recycled yet). You probably know this trick, and well, what can I say, the trick that is involved makes one lose interest eventually ("eventually" being on the order of several years in some cases).

    So, I don't know...I will admit this is just a random memory that jumped to my head. :P But ahh, the powers of over-analysis are too powerful this day! One possible way to (over-)interpret this little anecdote, is to think that one can try to emulate perfection, but it will only be a gigantic farce: there is no such thing as a perfect life, because there will always be some gap that can be revealed, if you stand at the right altitude.

    Then, yes, I completely agree that life cannot be a perfect circle, even though I am of the kind that loves being stuck in a routine! I prefer your idea: the thought that we're surfing along massive waves, created by overlaying spirals defined, even then, by different parameters!

    Yet, to me, it is mostly a scary thought, albeit more attractive than the idea that we're automatons. :P

    Okay, I will end this here: I hope I didn't go way too off-topic...but what do you think? (And how long is this actually... :S)

    1. Yeah, I may have exceeded some acceptable word limit...

  4. wow...

    I'm very impressed, both by the size of your reply and that you coded this illusion of a perfect circle ;) hahah

    "these dots that make up our memories do not always work toward a common goal, and therefore, are not always connected" - very true, and all your memory-explanations are awesome! xD I find myself agreeing to everything

  5. Awesome! And thanks! // Thus, I succintly reply. :P